Miscellaneous Services

This page lists a couple of miscellaneous services I provide. These include: branding and book trailers.

Complimentary Hour of MentoringCoaching


Let’s play a quick game. I’ll list a few slogans, and you think of the company.

“Just do it.”

“You asked for it. You got it.”

“Eat more chikin.”

These slogans are just a small–but very calculated–part of these company’s branding.

The purpose of branding is to be memorable with potential clients. And it’s just as critical for authors as it is for major companies.

This package is to help authors improve their branding. It includes creating a slogan, logo, and making any necessary changes in graphics and bios across the web, including both the author’s website and social media channels.

I will personally evaluate the author’s current branding and create a document with suggestions for things that can be done to improve your branding for greater visibility in a glutted market.

The fee for this initial evaluation is $25, and is payable in advance.

At that point authors have the option of making the changes on his/her own, or hiring me to help with various aspects of the plan.

Book Trailers

Book trailers are just one more marketing tool in an author’s arsenal. Their purpose, of course, is to get information about your book to the public. Since people’s time is at such a premium these days, the most viewed videos are those that are a minute or less.

The book trailers I offer are made from still photos. Each slide incorporates animations for a movie-like effect. I highly suggest captioning for each slide for viewers who prefer to watch with the sound off.

Videos also include a sound track.

The cost for this service is $97 for a 1-minute or less book trailer. (Please contact me for pricing if you prefer a longer book trailer.) This price does NOT include locating sound clips and photos or the costs incurred for purchasing sound clips and photos. The added fee for locating sound clips and photos for you is $25 per hour.

(NOTE: I used free royalty-free images and sound clips for my own personal book trailers. You can view the video I made for the sixth Miller’s Creek novel, CROSSROADS, below.)

Have you checked out my other services? You can save up to 10% by bundling. (More services coming soon!)



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