A LifeSword 29-day Daily Devotional
by Cathy Bryant


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The Power of Godly Influence by Cathy Bryant
And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ -Matthew 25:40-41

Each of us possesses some measure of influence. And never has the power of godly influence been more important. This 29-day daily devotional is a journey through scriptures on how to best use our influence to impact our world for Christ.

Join us for the journey as we cover such topics as:

-A powerful way to influence
-Watchmen for God
-Example of national prayer
-Examples of godly influence
-Scriptural passages for selecting and praying for people in authority
-Godly qualities of spiritual leaders
-Using our influence for good and not evil
-A true influential attitude
-Setting the example for others
-Leading through love, service, and encouragement
-and more!

Live a life of impact for Jesus!


“I love Bryant’s fiction, which always teaches a valuable spiritual lesson. This book, too, delved deeply into the concept of influencing our world in various ways.”

“…powerful devotional,showing us how we need to pray and be an influencer for the Lord.”

“This new devotional by Cathy Bryant is a motivating, personal, Spirit filled read. Each day’s devotional includes Scripture, personal thoughts and questions to ponder. I have read many devotionals and am very pleased with the way this one makes me think while also reminding me of God’s love. This book is great to give as a gift, too.”

“Great daily messages that give you reason to stop and think about how the verses can or should impact your life. Cathy Bryant is an amazing author and this one will not disappoint. Should be on everyone’s nightstand for great thoughts to go to sleep with.”

“I once again have found Cathy’s Devotional Godly Influence to be both challenging and rewarding. There is so much to this book, I found myself going back and reading parts a second time. Full of spiritual gems and life lessons.”


Be sure to check out Cathy’s Miller’s Creek Novels & her novellas!


The main reason I write is because I want to make a difference in people’s lives for the sake of Christ and His kingdom. And isn’t that the life to which believers are called? Each of us has some measure of influence and opportunities to impact lives for all eternity. This devotional book is intended to encourage us to do just that.

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