I have chosen to make my eBooks free to hopefully get the gospel message in story form into as many hands as possible worldwide. (UPDATE 2/7/2020: I’m in the process of getting all the books switched over to free status on the various places where they are available. Some wheels move slower than others, so I apologize if some have not yet been moved to free status. Please try again in a few days. Thank you for your patience!)

If you feel so led, please consider making a donation to this writing ministry using the following link (EverButton; secure site).


If you prefer to make a donation by check or money order instead, you may do so to the following address: Cathy Bryant, PO Box 275, Bangs, TX 76823. Thank you.

You can also support this ministry effort in the following ways:

  1. Join me in praying that all the books reach those who may need them for whatever reason.
  2. Leave your honest review of books you’ve read wherever you downloaded the eBooks. This is a big help to other readers.
  3. Share the free eBooks with those you think might enjoy or need it via word of mouth, email, and social media channels.

Thank you so much!

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