10 thoughts on “Miller’s Creek Novels”

  1. I am loving this series. On book 5 now. I have been leaving reviews on Amazon. Pilgrimage of Promise was a great mix of yesteryear and today. It answers so many questions from bookn 1-3. It brought laughter and tears. I have used my Facebook page to share the information on these books. If they enjoy them as much as I have it will be worth it.

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  2. I am now starting your 7th and last book on Miller’s Creek. I certainly hope more will be written, but I am grateful for what you have done. They are very well written and inspirational, to say the least. The only character who has absolutely wore me out is Mara. I felt like I had done hard labor, before that woman found her way. But, I guess many people are like Mara. Thank you, Cathy, for all you do, sincerely.

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  3. Hi, I love your books. Just finished “I will Still Folllow” . My favourite is “Pilgrimage of promise”. I love how the story goes to the past and the present. Hope you write more books like this. Your books inspire and one gets to know more about God. God bless you for sharing your talent with the world. Thanks, Wanj from Kenya.

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    1. So glad you’ve enjoyed the books. I hope to write more books, Lord willing. I have enough story ideas to last for many years worth of writing! God bless you! Thank you for the encouraging words. ❤


  4. Thank you Cathy. I read the 7 books in a week (smiles). I just couldn’t stop. They spoke to me, to my situation. They weren’t just words or stories, they are Spirit and life. Thank you for breathing the imperfect, yet mercy and grace-filled life of Christian into the stories. You are blessed beyond measures. Looking forward to more

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  5. I love your stories but more importantly your devotion to God! You bring sadness and hope, heartbreak and love, forlornness and life to your characters and to the town of Miller’s Creek. There are so many ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns that kept me wondering what was going to happen next. How was God going to get the glory from this story?!? Yet you always delivered! Thank you for honoring God in your stories and for not only giving us entertaining stories but showing us how we should be living our lives to honor God in any given opportunity. You are a blessing, thank you.

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    1. Chris, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the stories, and I’m grateful that the Lord used them to bless you. Thank you for blessing me with your kind and encouraging words. Blessings to you and yours, Cathy. 🙂


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