How To Discover Your Lost Sense of the Miraculous and Feel Awed Once Again

There’s nothing like springtime to bring out the child in me.

And by ‘child’, I really mean the accompanying sense of wonder and joy in the seemingly little things. Things that often go unnoticed.

That’s a big deal to me, because as I’ve aged I’ve grown more jaded. Less capable of being awestruck or even noticing the thousands of miracles happening all around me.

How did I even lose that sense of wonder in the first place?

I’m guessing that the weeds of this world focus my attention elsewhere and strangle out my ability to see the truly important. And without that ability, joy becomes more rare.

And more needed.

Then springtime comes.

After the long, dark winter months, any hint of warmer weather propels me outside, begging me to dig in the dirt, breathe in the rich scent of the earth, drip tiny dead-looking seeds into the freshly-plowed ground.

The ensuing wait period builds excruciating excitement, much like a child waiting for Christmas morning.

Shortly, little sprouts begin–one by one–to poke their green heads out of the soil. Next, buds. And then an abundance of  veggies and fruits and flowers.

In other words, the miraculous happens.

I’m awestruck by each new discovery of change. I thrill at each blossom–each richly-aromatic rose, the sight of tiny buds on the honeysuckle, even the emerging canopy of leaves on the trees.

I really have no idea where you are in your personal journey. Perhaps, like me, you’ve died a little on the inside and grown totally unaware of the miracles surrounding you.

May I point you to the glorious cure?

Step outside in God’s amazing creation. Watch how He brings life from death. In the process, you’ll also move from emptiness to joy as you rediscover His amazing miracles all around you.

Have a blessed spring! ❤

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