Would You Do Me A Favor?

I have a favor to ask.

I’m trying to get the word out about the free status of all the Miller’s Creek eBooks.

That’s why I signed up for a Thunderclap campaign. Through the help of friends like you, it enables me to share the message with a larger audience. Keep reading for more details.

Here’s The Favor Details

For those unfamiliar with Thunderclap, it’s basically an online organized support group to send out a social media message all at once. (Hence the name Thunderclap.)

I have to gather at least 100 supporters who agree to let the message be posted on the social media account(s) of their choice in order for the Thunderclap to work.

Here’s the message I’ll be sending out on February 12th IF I can get 100 supporters:

“Get all Millers Creek novels #ChristianFiction #free in all #eBook formats on several sites. Details here>>


The link leads to a post on my Facebook Author Page, which in turn directs folks to website pages for each book where they can download the eBooks in the format of their choice for free. (Man, I hope that makes sense…)


Here’s The Favor Link

Anyway, you can check it out via the link below to see if it’s something you are interested in doing. The link will take you directly to the Miller’s Creek Thunderclap campaign (a secure site).

Thank you so much for your consideration and support!

8 thoughts on “Would You Do Me A Favor?”

  1. Cathy, is this legit? I signed up and added a message but when I posted it, my facebook page went blank. Have you heard of any issues with anyone else? Thanks.

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    1. It is legit, and I haven’t heard of anyone else having that issue. I do want to point out that the Thunderclap itself won’t post until Feb. 12, and only if I get 100 supporters. That being said, they do allow you to share the Thunderclap with others now to try to get more support. Hope that is helpful to you. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do from this end. Thanks so much for your help and support! ❤


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