Excited to Share My Latest Crazy News With You

Though most of my posts are devotional in nature, this is one of those odd news posts that’s a hodge-podge of information.

So yes, I’m excited to share my latest crazy news with you. Or maybe it’s me that’s crazy… 😀 Well, you’ll see what I mean, and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

(HINT: I tend to tackle crazy ideas in batches rather than one at a time. But at least they’re all crazy ideas I’m excited about, right?)

Crazy News: HomeAcre


My first crazy news is that Hubby and I have launched a new website that’s all about home. It’s called HomeAcre, where heart meets home.

Our plan is to share our home renovations, re-purposed furniture, furniture plans, household tips, home-selling techniques and more on the blog portion of the site.


We’ve renovated — to some degree or another — seven homes/mini-homes, not including work that we’ve helped others do on their homes. That has given us a skill set we’d love to share with others. And honestly, this kind of home work just floats my boat!

Our plan is to pass on knowledge and ideas on the website, but to also offer our services to others who live in our area. We hope to take on home and landscaping projects as well as odd jobs and selling re-purposed and custom-made furniture.

So if you’re interested in home improvement projects and ideas for your home, be sure to check us out (and follow us) at:

We’ll be posting to this site on Tuesdays.

Crazy News: WordVessels

WORDvessels (2)

This is an idea I’ve tossed around for years. I love to write, and I love to teach. So why not combine the two?

My very first blog was WordVessel (singular), where I documented my journey into the wonderful world of writing Christian fiction. I gave up that blog when I published my first novel so that I could start my author website.

But I’ve always had a desire to share with up-and-coming writers what I’ve learned along the way, in both the technical aspect and business aspect of writing Christian books.

So I’ve created a second new website (third, if you count this one) called WordVessels (plural), and it reflects my desire for the site to be a community of writers someday. It’s a site dedicated to teaching those who want to write Christian books what I’ve learned and encouraging them on their own writing journeys.

So if you’d love to join our little community — and I truly believe everyone has at least one story to tell — be sure to check us out at:

I’ll be posting to this site on Wednesday (AKA #WriterWednesday).

Crazy News: Miller’s Creek Novel #8?

What was I thinking? Three websites. A new business. A mini-farm. Home projects. Writer services. Ay-yi-yi! Yep, I’m crazy all right.

And on top of it all, my plan is to write the lousy first draft of the eighth Miller’s Creek novel, The Unlovable Chosen, during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

For those of you who might not know what NaNoWriMo is, it’s where writers from around the world try to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November each year.

Several of my Miller’s Creek novels have been written this way, so I’m hoping to make it happen again in 2017!

If any of you writers and wannabe writers want to join me, here’s my profile link:


And here’s a mock-up cover and brief blurb (probably not even close to the final cover and blurb) of The Unlovable Chosen. 

 The only reason a tough-as-nails teen is where she’s at is to protect her little sister. But a young childless couple are considering her sister Jaime for adoption. Once that took place, Christina would find a way to leave this place and the rest of her shattered life behind forever. Freedom. At last.

Or will Matt and Gracie Tyler interfere and put her plans on further hold?

the Unlovable ChosenAs you can see this is quite a different story from what I normally write — truly a love story like none other — and two of the most beloved of all Miller’s Creek characters will play a major part. Matt and Gracie from The Way of Grace once more move to the front of the stage. (Excited beyond words….) 🙂

Prayer Request

Please keep me in your prayers. I’m already a month behind on the planning of this novel and have waaaaay too many irons in the fire.

In other words, I need supernatural help!


Thanks for bearing with me during my crazy news. My reader friends are simply the best. I want you to know that I regularly thank God for you all!

Much love,

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    1. It all sounds pretty wonderful to me! Both new adventures are pretty exciting to me and I’m going to follow both! I do love do-it-yourself projects and I’ve always wanted to write, newly, young retiree, settling into our new home in Boise, (I still am amazed at this home the Lord has blessed us with – pinch me!!!), maybe now I’ll have the time to do those little projects I’ve put off and just maybe I’ll start that story that I’ve always thought I could write!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


  1. All your craziness sounds like a lot of busy-ness. I wish you well in all your new endeavors. I know you will do well. I will continue to hold you in prayer!


  2. Keep going with the craziness! Love it. I’m no writer but will follow Home Acres – great idea! I had a retail shop once in Independence, MO. We started selling only things we had made or repurposed. So fun. Love following your projects.


    1. Looking forward to see what the Lord is going to do with all the craziness, Sharleen. Thanks for sharing your story, the words of encouragement, and for following HomeAcres! 🙂


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